UCF School of Performing Arts Fall 2020 FAQ

UCF Music Department

Message from the Director

Music Department Director Michael Wainstein

Hello. I am thrilled to have joined UCF’s School of Performing Arts this fall! It is a lifelong dream that I would be associated with a world-class institution serving the disciplines of music, dance and theatre. The School of Performing Arts comprises faculty with expertise in many areas who are dedicated to student success, and celebrated for their successes as artists and educators. Our performing arts programs are designed for young artists seeking a career as a performer, designer, practitioner, teacher, and more. Our family includes musicians, musical theatre performers, actors, stage managers, future educators, technicians, conductors, composers and clinicians. Our website contains more information on courses of study and performances, which can be found in our event calendar.

Students enjoy a convivial, supportive atmosphere of mutual respect, high standards artistically and ethically, and a faculty that is devoted to our students’ success. There are endless opportunities to perform, as part of a musical ensemble or our 350-person marching band, on stage in theatrical productions, in recitals, operas, in student organizations, or as part of our resident symphony orchestra. 

The UCF Department of Music was established in 1968. The department is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), with the initial NASM accreditation being awarded in 1981. Our music education programs are fully accredited by the National Collegiate Association for Teacher Education (NCATE) and lead to teacher certification by the Florida Department of Education (FLDE). The university is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). UCF is Florida’s first All-Steinway School.

The Department of Theatre was established in 1969 and our first seasons were produced in a 124-foot tent. Today we present theatre and dance performances in a variety of venues, both on campus and in our partner theatre spaces at Orlando Shakespeare Theater and the Orlando REP. In 2016, the department earned full accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST). We offer world-class MFAs in acting and theatre for young audiences, in which our students spend two years in classes on campus then go on to work in our partner theatres as interns in their third.

Every April, the School of Performing Arts, in cooperation with the School of Visual Arts and Design, presents UCF Celebrates the Arts! The Dr. Phillips Center in downtown Orlando is our venue as students from all areas of the school perform in the facility. This is the crowning jewel in our season of spectacular performances. We also host internationally-acclaimed artists right here on our campus, offering students the opportunity to interact with the stars in their fields.

With fifteen unique degree programs the School of Performing Arts covers a broad spectrum of 21st century arts careers and prepares students to succeed. From large music and theatre ensembles that showcase our students’ impressive performance abilities to chamber music recitals featuring our internationally acclaimed artist faculty to guest performers from around the world, we know you will be delighted to see and hear some of the best artists in the country—right here in Central Florida. I encourage you to use the information below to contact us to answer any questions you may have.

Theatrically and musically yours,
Michael Wainstein
UCF School of Performing Arts

Music Department • College of Arts & Humanities at the University of Central Florida
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