UCF School of Performing Arts Fall 2020 FAQ

UCF Music Department

Admissions: Scholarship Awards

Audition Instructions

Due to COVID-19, our audition process has changed. Please visit Application Process for more details.

Department of Music scholarships are awarded in all areas of performance based upon musicianship and academic record. The amount of scholarship awards varies according to ability, financial need, needs of the department, and availability of funds. Priority is given to music majors. All scholarship awards are contingent upon acceptance to the University by the UCF Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Scholarship Auditions

It is always advantageous to audition on one of our scheduled audition dates, however in some cases, auditions can be made by appointment by contacting the Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

For further information, contact:

Scholarship Committee
Department of Music
University of Central Florida
4000 Central Florida Blvd
Orlando, FL 32816-1354
Phone: 407-823-2869

Steps When Receiving an Award

  1. Students that have been awarded a scholarship or Out-of-State Tuition award should see it posted on their account before school begins. However, there will be a hold on the award
  2. The hold is placed on the account because music scholarship recipients signed a contract of regulations they need to meet. Some of these regulations are registering for a minimum of 12 credit hours, applied lessons and a major ensemble per semester. These requirements will be checked for each student the week following add/drop week.
  3. Once the Music Department has checked each student's registration confirming they meet the contract requirements, Student Financial Services will be notified to release the hold. This process could take most, if not all, of the second week of classes
  4. As long as the scholarship information is on the financial aid system before tuition and fees are due and the amount is sufficient to cover all charges the student should not incur a late fee
  5. The scholarship creates a deferment of the charges on the student's account. Deferments allow for the time lag that normally occurs between the dates that tuition and fees are due, and the date on which financial aid disbursements are made
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