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Admissions: Application Process

UCF MUSIC MAJORS: You may audition with the Music Department after submitting an application to UCF Undergraduate Admissions. Admission into the UCF Music Program requires admittance from the university and from the Music Department.


Apply to UCF by going to the Undergraduate Admissions website and applying online.


Apply for an audition with the UCF Music Department. Complete the online Intent to Audition Online Form. Note that you will need to know your UCFID. Follow this link to instructions for retrieving your UCFID. Also, ask any teachers who you have studied music with to complete the Teacher Evaluation form and bring it with you to your audition. No alternate date audition applications will be accepted after the final April audition.

The audition dates are listed on the Intent to Audition page in a drop-down menu. If you are unable to attend a scheduled audition on one of those days, you may submit a digital audition by choosing “Digital Audition via Acceptd" on the Preferred Campus Audition Date drop-down menu. A UCF faculty member will contact you after reviewing your video to let you know whether or not you have been accepted to the program.

Submit your digital application


You will receive an e-mail confirmation immediately after submitting your online Intent to Audition Form. We will accept Intent to Audition forms until the Wednesday prior to the audition.


Prepare for the audition by selecting Audition Requirements and your instrument area to see what music you will be expected to perform during the audition.


  • 8:30am: Check-in at the UCF Rehearsal Hall (Building #19 on campus map). You will receive your actual audition time and education interview time (Education majors only) when you check-in. Breakfast items will be available.
  • 9:00am: Parent/student orientation begins in the Rehearsal Hall auditorium
  • 9:30am: Students are dismissed from orientation to warm-up for auditions. Practice rooms are available
  • 9:45am: Student auditions begin. Students will go to the studio room they have been assigned for audition ten minutes prior to their audition time and wait in the hallway for the professors to call their name to come in and begin the audition or interview. With the exception of piano and percussion, auditions usually are about 10 minutes long. Piano and percussion run about 20 minutes long. Auditions are private with the student only. Parents may wait in the hall outside the audition studio or in the Rehearsal Hall

Parents will stay in the orientation to receive information from the Chair, an Admissions representative and a Student Financial Aid representative until about 10:00 am. Once the student has completed his/her audition and education interview (Education majors only), he/she is free to leave.


Acceptance and non-acceptance letters will be sent out after completion of all the January and February audition dates. Admission to the Music program is only complete once the student has been accepted by both the Music Department and UCF Undergraduate Admissions. For answers to more detailed questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions Section on this website.

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