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The Music Minor (19 hours) is open to all students interested in music study, but who are not majoring in one of the music degree tracks. Students are required to take two semesters of music theory and a semester of music history (chosen from the GEP music courses offered).

Requirements include 9 credit hours of electives, of which 3 must be upper-level courses. These can include ensembles, conducting, theory, history, etc. Note: Some ensembles require audition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a music minor? Do I have to audition?

    The music minor is unrestricted so you do not need to audition to become a minor. You can go to either the Registrars office or your college advising office and fill out the minor paperwork.

  • Do I need to take music theory before I take any other music courses?

    No, you can take Enjoyment of Music or any electives prior to taking MUT 1004.

  • Can I take private lessons as a music minor?

    Unfortunately, no. The size of the studios are such that they can only accommodate music majors.

  • Can I participate in ensembles as a music minor?

    All UCF ensembles are open to any current student. Some ensembles do require an audition. Check the Ensembles pages for more information.

  • How can I satisfy my requirement of three hours of upper level electives?

    All UCF ensembles are upper-level courses. Also Jazz Theory and Basic Conducting are upper-level courses and can be taken once the prerequisite of MUT 1122 has been met.

  • I took music theory at my community college. Will that count toward my minor?

    In most cases, yes. The music department will evaluate your previous course to make sure that it contains the same material as the course offered at UCF.

Additional questions may be directed to Professor Kirk Gay at kirk.gay@ucf.edu.

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